About Jason Peterson, Chairman GoDigital Media Group

Jason Peterson is an experienced entrepreneur, attorney, and producer, named in 2009 as one of the ‘Top 30 entrepreneurs under 30’ in Los Angeles by LA Business Journal. Jason is the current Chairman of GoDigital Media Group (godigitalmg.com), Cinq Music (cinqmusic.com), VidaPrimo (vidaprimo.com), CEO of ContentBridge Systems (contentbridge.tv), AdShare (adshare.tv). In his role as Chairman […]

Jason Peterson, Chairman, GoDigital Media Group & Cinq Music – Merlin Nomination Statement

NOMINATION STATEMENT for  JASON PETERSON, CHAIRMAN, GODIGITAL MEDIA GROUP & CINQ MUSIC I’m an attorney by training and a media & technology entrepreneur by vocation with 18 years of experience. In the year 2000 I forecasted the paradigm shift from physical to digital. This included forecasting that the MP3 pIayer and phone would merge to […]

Music Rights- An Addendum – Blurred Lines

This is an addendum to the 2014 Music Rights whitepaper authored by Jason Peterson and published by the Entertainment Merchants Association. It isn’t often that a court case comes down that illustrates music copyright infringement principles almost perfectly. Lucky for us, and unlucky for Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams and their music composition “Blurred Lines” […]