Investment – NEDL

GoDigital Media Group has invested in NEDL, the new search app that allows users to quickly find content on live radio streams. The functionality of nedl turns audio into text so that you can search live audio by keyword, song or artist. “Content discovery and personalization is the cutting edge in the media industry,” says GDMG Chairman and CEO Peterson. “nedl leads the pack in radio discovery. It’s like Google search for live radio streams.” With over 120,000+ live audio broadcasts from the U.S. and around the world, nēdl lets radio listeners search by song or artist and go right to the live radio station playing what they want to hear right now. For sports fans, type in the athletes name to hear fan reaction in real time. Users can also start their own live “Nedlcasts,” allowing themselves to build an audience by the words being said. There’s also a social media component, allowing nedl users to comment with Nedlcasters.”