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Core Solutions

Cinq's approach has garnered the company four Grammy awards, dozens of Gold and Platinum RIAA certifications, numerous number one chart positions on the Latin, Urban and Tropical Billboard charts. Was nominated for Latin Rhythm Label of The Year at the 2016 Latin Billboards, along with Universal and Sony. The first major acquisition was the catalog of Grammy winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur T.I, (Clifford Harris, Jr.) purchased from Warner Music Group. In 2018 this was followed by Cinq inking a record deal and partnership with Janet Jackson and Rhythm Nation Records.

AdShare™ is the leading social media monetization service for music, film, television, and sports rights-holders. It brings together a technology oriented multi-disciplinary approach to monetizing fan engagement online.

AdShare’s offerings include providing full service YouTube monetization and for existing YouTube Partners, the most robust and effective Optimization service on the market – generating substantial new revenue for its clients.

Over 200 major media clients trust AdShare to monetize their brands and more than two million of their copyrights online. Nearly 800 million people from around the world engage with content represented by AdShare™ every month.

AdShare. Engaging fans. Monetizing brands.™

ContentBridge is a leading provider of digital supply chain software solutions to studios, networks, and retailers in the media industry. Its flexible task-based workflow engine can be configured to accommodate nearly any business process. While an API enabled micro-services architecture fits into virtually any organization or infrastructure scenario. Automated capabilities include distribution readiness assessment, ingest and conform, digital asset management, and orchestration and automation of media and meta-data delivery to any business partner anywhere in the world. ContentBridge software is available in the cloud or on-premise and is an approved 'encoding' vendor for all major digital retailers.

Latido Music is a digital television network for fans of Latin music. It is available in the United States, Latin America and Spain. Latido’s 24-hour linear channel and on-demand services are available on over 15 video platforms from connected television (CTV) and web to mobile apps.

Featuring the largest collection of major label and independent music videos from all Latin music genres, as well as original brand-friendly programs, Latido Music gives advertisers access to young Hispanic viewers on the digital platforms where they consume most of their media.

VidaPrimo is the largest Hispanic-targeted multi-channel music network on YouTube. Launched in 2015, VidaPrimo generates over 2.5 billion streams per month, ranked by Comscore as high as the #4 Music/Entertainment property on the web worldwide among Hispanics.

Its music videos and original content from Reggaeton, Latin Trap, Mexican Regional and other genres link fans and brands, providing advertisers the opportunity to engage with a massive base of Hispanic Millennials and Gen-Z’ers through their passion point. VidaPrimo offers custom-produced branded content, cross-platform distribution and high touch media programs.

“GoDigital Media Group is Transforming How Intellectual Property Rights are Managed and Monetized.”


In 2016 GoDigital Media Group acquired a substantial interest in Tunnel Post.

Tunnel Post is a substantial post-production operation with services that extend far beyond functions of online and offline editing, capture, finishing or the restoration of film and video.

Tunnel Post helps solve the digital distribution challenge.

The company addresses a digital world where there are more distribution partners than ever, with an increasing number of delivery specifications and demands.

Add to that the demands of tracking sales and revenue-sharing deals across many platforms, a common pain point for all content creators.

Tunnel Post is synergistic with Godigital Media Group's other production, distribution and exhibition activities.

GoDigital Media Group has invested in NEDL, the new search app that allows users to quickly find content on live radio streams. The functionality of nedl turns audio into text so that you can search live audio by keyword, song or artist. “Content discovery and personalization is the cutting edge in the media industry,” says GDMG Chairman and CEO Peterson. “nedl leads the pack in radio discovery. It’s like Google search for live radio streams.” With over 120,000+ live audio broadcasts from the U.S. and around the world, nēdl lets radio listeners search by song or artist and go right to the live radio station playing what they want to hear right now. For sports fans, type in the athletes name to hear fan reaction in real time. Users can also start their own live “Nedlcasts,” allowing themselves to build an audience by the words being said. There’s also a social media component, allowing nedl users to comment with Nedlcasters.”

About GoDigital Media Group

GoDigital team lead Jason Peterson

GoDigital Media Group

Years ago, before iTunes, Netflix streaming, and YouTube, GoDigital Media Group Chairman Jason Peterson presupposed a world where consumers would jettison their CD’s and DVD’s in favor of digital entertainment. He decided to do something about it, founding GoDigital Media Group (GDMG). Since then, GDMG has founded five brands at the intersection of media and technology to help content owners, manage, market and monetize their product in a complex digital world. The companies are Cinq Music, AdShare, ContentBridge Systems, VidaPrimo and Latido Music. Several more are in the pipeline.


Transforming and Restoring The Media Business

The media industry is under duress as the result of the digital paradigm shift. Peterson sees four primary problems in the media industry: the Sales Problem, the Distribution Problem, the Marketing Problem, and the Engagement Problem. This translates to efficiently and effectively transacting rights, managing and delivering media to the consumer on any device, any network, anywhere in the world 24/7 while identifying, tracking, and monetizing consumer engagement. “As an industry, if we can solve these paramount problems then we will in all likelihood exceed the best days of physical goods,” says Peterson.

Building A World Class Team

Peterson’s goal for each company in the GDMG portfolio: the right team delivering the right product for the right market at the right time. “When you get alignment of these items truly special things can happen.” To this end, GDMG has brought on board a world class team that includes the former head of global operations at Paramount, the largest law firm in the world, and a former managing director from Siemens, the German Fortune 50 engineering conglomerate.

Leading Media & Technology Expertise

Over 100 human resources including leading professionals, technologists, engineers and scientists.

Our leaders consist of:

Jason Peterson (Chairman) GoDigital Media Group portrait Jason Peterson
"Top 40 Under 40" - Billboard Magazine 2018. "Top 40 Under 40" - Media Play News 2018. "Indie Power Player" - Billboard 2019
Jay Winship (COO) GoDigital Media Group portrait
Jay Winship
18 yrs exp. Current COO AdShare & VidaPrimo. Former Managing Director, Siemens Korea
Hunter Paletsas(CFO) GoDigital Media Group portrait
Hunter Paletsas
10 years exp. CPA. Former Deloitte finance transformation expert in the telecom, media and technology industry. Has led C-suite projects for Spotify, Apple, AIG, and ILFC among others
Michael Peterson (Member) GoDigital Media Group portrait
Michael Peterson
40 yrs experience in enterprise data management. Multiple IPO’s
Doug Reinart (Advisor) GoDigital Media Group portrait
Doug Reinart
25 yrs exp. EVP Strategy, Vision Media. Former Head of WW Operations, Paramount Pictures. Partner PRTM/PWC
Jay Kuo (Scientific Advisor) GoDigital Media Group portrait
Jay Kuo
Scientific Advisor
25 yrs exp. Professor at USC. Most cited scholar globally in signal processing
Manfred Van Ursel
23 yrs exp. Former founder & entrepreneur in tech. Architect and lead of engineering projects at top-3 Film/TV studios. 10y+ managing on offshore engineering teams
Premjit Panicker
General Counsel for GDMG
Supervises and manages all legal matters. 10 years experience as an attorney in the entertainment industry representing artists and rights holders. As a past solo practitioner, a decade of work advising and representing established and start-up companies on corporate matters and legal affairs

“Identifying The Use Of Content Will Be More Valuable Than The Content Itself”

Efficiently and effectively transacting rights, managing and fulfilling media to the consumer on any device, any network, anywhere in the world, cutting through the white noise of too much choice, and identifying, tracking, and monetizing consumer engagement. GDMG and it’s companies are working everyday to address these challenges.